The section "Why do professionals love our templates?" is build with 5 Custom modules.

To create the heading "Why do professionals love our templates?" use a Custom module with the settings below:

  • Position: grid-top
  • Module class suffix: _ms3
  • Optionally you can add some text as subheading inside the module content

"Responsive design", "Easy to setup", "Easy to customize" and "SEO friendly" blocks are created through 4 Custom modules with the settings below:

  • Position: grid-top2
  • Module class suffix: _ms2 featured

These modules uses the content structure below:

<i class="icon-cloud-download icon-5x"></i>
<h3>Easy to Setup</h3>
<p>Some text goes here</p>

icon-cloud-download is one of the many classes to display icons. You can see the full icon list here, in "Icons" tab.